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How can we help?

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How do I order online?
NammaMaligai.com offers you a very easy way to order your daily essentials in 3 steps

a) Just select your product and quantities you want to buy

b) Select your nearest landmark area and your delivery address.

c) Give your name and number to deliver.

Within one hour your products will be at your doorsteps.

Do I need to register for ordering?
No, its is not mandatory for you to register on our site to order your essentials.
But If you register, you don't need to fill your details like delivery address, name and number etc when you order next
time. You may simply login and order the products.
What other modes I can order?
You can order via phone by calling our order lines 9751 200 111 / 9751 300 111 / 9751 400 111.

You can also visit our store located at

G1/1, Royal Sheraton, Nanjundapuram Road, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore-36.

How fast will my ordered products get delivered?
We promise 1 hour delivery from the time, your is order successfully placed. Due to any unavoidable situations, if we are unable to meet our commitment, we will inform you in advance with the reason and seek for an alternate option from you.
What is your operating hours?
Website is open for ordering 24/7 on all days. Our delivery hours are between 6am to 10pm. If any orders are placed outside of this delivery hours, it will be delivered on the next hour from the start of delivery hour.

Example: if you place an order at 1:00 Am on Monday, your order will be delivered within 7am on Monday.

Do I need to select the nearest delivery area?
Yes, this will help us to validate our coverage area and locate your address easily.

Thus, we will not take order where we don’t have delivery system yet.

How far my address should be from the selected nearest delivery area ?
We will cover up to 1 Kms from the selected delivery area, if your address is more than 1kms, please give us a call and validate if we deliver to your address.
What if my nearest landmark area is not listed in your drop down list?
We are sorry, we don’t deliver to your area if you are not able to see your nearest area listed.Please give us a call on our Phone order numbers, we will see if we can arrange for a special delivery.
What if I don’t see the product what I want or the quantity I want?
We are continuously adding products as per the customers demand. If you don’t see your wanted products in our list, Please call us and place your order or request your product in the         " REQUEST A PRODUCT " form in the home page. We will arrange for your needs at the earliest.
What if I don’t agree with your price listed for any particular product on the site?
We are confident that we sell all the products at the best price compared to your local stores. In-case if you find our price is higher than other places, please help us informing the same over phone or Give us your suggestion in the "SUGGESTION" form in the home page  , we will update the right price.
Is there any minimum amount to which I need to order?
There is no minimum order value restrictions, but for orders below Rs. 500.00 we may not afford free delivery. So we may request Rs 50.00 as fixed delivery charge for orders below Rs. 500.00.

There could be exceptions to deliver to your location due to the distance and the total order value depending on your delivery location. For such orders, we will call you and inform about feasibility of the delivery.

What are the payment options available?
We accept Cash on Delivery and Debit/Credit cards swiping on Delivery. We are in the process of linking Credit/Debit card payment gateways for the payment. Till the time we get our card payment option enabled, cash on delivery and card on delivery are accepted. We will soon add all payment facilities to our portal.
Where do I complain about your quality of the products or service?
Quality is the foundation of our business strategy, so we give most care for the quality of the product and service. For any reason, if you find our quality is not meeting your expectations. Please call us directly and raise your concern or write to us in the "SUGGESTION" form at the home page. We will take serious actions on your feedback and make sure it won’t repeat.
How do I cancel my order?
For any reason, if you wish you cancel your order, please call our helpline number and inform your order number to cancel. We won’t charge you anything for the cancellation.

For any further doubts or clarity please contact us over our phone numbers or write to us in the "Suggestion" form at the home page , we will surely get back to you at the earliest.

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